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Selected works:


Élégie, for accordion solo. Score and link to performance in YouTube by Mikko Luoma in the Church of St. Mary, Turku, May 2021

String Quartet nr. 1 ("On the Move"). Link to work page with score preview and sound file of the 1st movement, performed by the Dudok Quartet, Sep 20, 2012

Sur, for 7 instruments. Score and sound file, performed by Athelas Sinfonietta / Jesper Nordin, Aug 22, 2011

Time Flowers, for chamber orchestra. Score and sound file, performed by Le Nouvel Ensemble Moderne / Lorraine Vaillancourt, Nov 23, 2012

Kuohu, for symphony orchestra. Score and sound file, performed by Gothenburg Opera Orchestra / David Björkman, Aug 8, 2009


Himotperformance by Slavonic Tractor in Let the Peoples Sing choir competition. Score available at Sulasol web shop.

Pohjan satakieliperformance in YouTube by the Lain Huuto mixed choir. Score available as part of Three Songs to Poems by Lauri Viita at Sulasol web shop.

All-Night Vigil, score of the First part and Second part.